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Kid Lit Music received an awesome write up from the contributors over at eMonthly. READ IT HERE

Here is an excerpt:

“Dubbed as the electrosoul pioneer, rising music artist Kid Lit Music is someone music fans have been raving about as he remarkably fuses hip-hop, soul, electronic, and dance melodies to create his own unique brand of style. He released a new single a week ago titled “Read You Like I’m Khia,” and it is gaining quite a following on YouTube as it upholds the artist’s distinct songwriting style and goes beyond gender, race, class, and nationality.

While a lot of aspiring artists struggle to zero in on their identity in the music industry, it has been clear to Kid Lit Music that he wanted a fusion of great genres right from the very beginning. Creating music that is uncommon yet ignites one’s soul has been something that he has always been inclined to do. While it took him a lot of experimenting with melodies and lyrics, he eventually found himself in building his own recognizable niche designed to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their orientation and background.

Before focusing on building his music career, Kid Lit Music was a background vocalist for a local band known as Weetu and the Truth. He juggled his singing with his education while attending Vanderbilt University. As he grew up in a home that put a high premium on a good education, he always made time for his studies despite the challenges. The native of Brooklyn, New York, also participated in Vanderbilt’s Battle of the Bands (BOTB) during its annual Rites of Spring music festival. After emerging as one of the winners of the BOTB, he joined Weetu and the Truth, opening for QTip, Santigold, and T.I.”