On New Years Eve, Nayla Beauty released “Love to My Cash App.” The new track and music video features Brooklyn-born artist Kid Lit Music.

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On New Years Eve, international pop star Nayla Beauty & Brooklyn-born artist Kid Lit Music dropped a new video. The song, entitled “Love to My Cash App,” received much deserved buzz. Moreover, radio stations in Nigeria, Mozambique, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and more placed the song into rotation.

The music video was shot in 4K HD quality and evokes a feeling of eccentricity, friendship and fun. Additionally. the song combines unique beats and witty lyrics. Emperial for TPMG produced the beat; Dolla (@beatknocka) engineered the song; Nayla Beauty (@naylamz_us) and Kid (@kidlitmusic) wrote the lyrics. Throughout the video, Kid Lit shares his unique perspective on treating women right. Nayla speaks her mind on the same subject.

During these uncertain times, the artists provoke conversations on very relevant issues. For instance, Nayla repeats the phrase “send a little love to my cash app,” a common theme for many women who prize the old-fashioned way of the “gentleman.” In the midst of a global crisis where the traditional way of dating has been compromised, one can appreciate Nayla’s candor.

“I want all genres, races, ethnicities and classes to hear my music. Music transcends these categories. During these unprecedented times, it is important we promote community and acceptance. My music embraces both.” – Kid Lit Music.

For more information, please send an inquiry email to info@kidlitmusic.com

A. Firstly

Love to My Cash App

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Love to My Cash App

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Love to My Cash App